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“If you weren’t reading this book it would still exist”: Alternate Reality in an Era of Alternative Facts

I am thrilled to announce the release of the recent edited volume, Alternate Reality Games and the Cusp of Digital Gameplay, as part of Bloomsbury’s Approaches to Digital Game Studies series. The book, co-edited with Greg Niemeyer examines foundational tropes in ARGs, pushes towards new conceptions within the genre, and challenges how “digital” game studies reconcile with […]

Same Table, Different Game: Role-Playing and Differentiation

[This is likely one in a slew of forthcoming posts related to role playing games, learning, literacies, and performance. These are exploratory in nature and a space for me to write through some of the topics I’ve been thinking about in this area. Feedback and pushback are welcomed.] I’m reading a recently released book about […]

Oh Yeah, I Did Write That

Someone actually read (and provided notes for)  “Patterns Towards Da Future,” a paper I co-wrote.

DML Notes

If anyone is headed to the Digital Media and Learning Conference in Long Beach, I’ll be sneaking around much of Friday and Saturday. On Friday, I will be doing an afternoon Ignite talk. I will be elaborating on learning implications related to this post. On Saturday, I will be part of a panel called, “DML […]

AERA Slides, Papers, and Pep Talks (Oh My!)

I’ve embedded my slides for my AERA presentation, “Can You Hear Me Now?: Student Voice in the Battle For Cell Phone Use in a Less Than Receptive School” below. I’ve reused some of these slides for various presentations at this point and I feel ready to retire most of this for something newer on the […]

Eco Intelligence

Actual updates will be here shortly. In the meantime, the Black Cloud is featured on the Buckminster Fuller Challenge site today. Please check it out. (Aclima is shortlisted as a semi-finalist for the BFI Challenge Award this year. The winner will be announced in June.)

Game Play/Real Play & We Live In Public

I wanted to share a couple of recent videos that I’ve been rewatching. First, while I don’t agree with all of Jane McGonigal’s arguments, I’m genuinely excited by her recent TED talk. At this point, I am strongly aligned with the idea of connecting game play to real world change. You could do a lot […]

On Focusing on “Learning” At the Digital Media and Learning Conference

Overall, I can say I was both impressed and pleased with the way the Digital Media and Learning Conference went. It was certainly one of the more exciting conferences I’ve dragged myself to in the past few years. I think the interdisciplinary nature of DML made for much richer conversations than the kinds I find […]

Digital Media and Learning Presentation

I’ll have some reflections on the DML conference later on. For now, I wanted to share the slides from our presentation below. Also, if you are interested, Sheryl Grant live-blogged our session. You can read a great overview here. Meanwhile, data on air quality at the conference has been collected over the past two days […]

Conference Season – Digital Media and Learning

I’m in the process of slowly weaving various conferences into my teaching/studying/dog-walking schedule. This Friday I’ll be participating in the Digital Media and Learning Conference in San Diego. I’m speaking as part of a session titled “Orality, Pedagogy, and New Media: How Children Develop Self-Awareness and Collective Consciousness.” I’m pasting the info below. Registration is […]