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Post-Verdict Silence

Sometimes when listening to the echoes of history, breezes from the past are fully felt in the present. (Kirkland, 2013, p. 26) It was difficult waking up this morning, sipping on coffee, and diving back into David E. Kirkland’s book, A search Past Silence: The Literacy of Young Black Men. I’d ranted earlier in the […]

Being “That Guy”: Race and Violence Ruining Wreck It Ralph

I think it’s getting worse. I used to hold my tongue and nod along with everyone else. The problem is I’m tired of not seeing folks of color in films. I’m tired of picking “good” YA texts for the classes I’m teaching and seeing white privilege reinforced on every page. I’m tired of not seeing […]

Containing Olive: Restraining a Dog’s Wild Heart and the Plight of Student Nature

I am sitting on my couch preparing to go yell at the dog because she is barking. I sit here thinking maybe today’s the day she finally gets out. I want to share my feelings of constant exasperation and trepidation containing Olive because I think she is helping me understand my growth as an educator. […]

Blogging, Frustration, and Perpetually Practicing Transformational Leadership

It’s well after 10, rounding the corner towards 11 actually, and it’s a Thursday and it’s late enough in the week where overwork shows in the corners and bags under my eyes. On the stereo Albert Ayler is blowing open heaven and I look at the papers to grade and reading to read and I […]

“Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself…”

Why, hello there. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? A few things have waylaid my updating of the ol’ Crawl. In particular: I revised and defended my dissertation. Did you skim #1? I finished dissertating! I helped organize the opening of a new public high school, Critical Design and Gaming School (CDAGS) in South Central. I dealt with […]

Reflections on #aera2011

After a couple of days to recover, I wanted to share a few thoughts on another AERA conference. Though they do not represent everything I saw within the conference, I think they speak directly to what needs to be improved.   Lack of twitter While I didn’t expect a twitter feed as lively as #dml2011, […]

Let’s Make Educational Pundit Food-Related Puns

Happy Punday! Let’s do this: Diane Radish… Linda Darling Salmon… Michelle V(8?)… Filet Cortines…   What do you got?

School Reform for Dummies: The Problem with Steve Lopez’s Column, the Future of Manual Arts, and How to Cut a School In Half

This is going to sound overly pessimistic and cynical, but it’s hard to read an article like this and not grit my teeth. The anecdotal stories of layoffs are a useful tactic to maybe get the public to understand that there are faces and names to the teachers that are continuing to be cut and […]

Cutting Down The Instructions and a Wilde Diversion

So, I’m reading The Instructions. Only a handful of pages in and I’m excited about the journey this book is intending. I also like the feel of this book. Like other McSweeney’s publications, it’s a beautifully designed item. Its physicality is the very argument against e-readers. At the same time, the book is staggeringly big: […]

How I learned to stop worrying and just drop $40 to become a more efficient writer

Just over a week ago, I defended my dissertation proposal for my Ph.D. Though I intend to more fully describe the proposal, my plans for implementation, and how you can be involved, I wanted to here describe the writing tool that I relied on. To be as blunt as possible, Scrivener is perhaps the best […]