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“We are ranking the great shipwrecks”: Books Read in 2019

Yesterday, I finished Jenny Slate’s Little Weirds and I’ve been slowly moseying my way through this collection of essays about Elizabeth Bishop. So here’s my breakdown of my reading for 2019: Books read in 2019: 170 Comics and graphic novels included in reading total: 42 Books of poetry included in reading total: 8 Books reread […]

“Gnawing my way back home”: Books Read in 2015

I’m currently halfway through Paul Murray’s The Mark and the Void and not likely to finish it before 2015 is over. For the 7th year in a row, here’s my breakdown of books read over the past year: Books read in 2015: 162 Comics and graphic novels included in reading total: 28 Books of poetry included […]

“sung from the grave by a ghost who doesn’t know he’s dead”: Books Read in 2012

Another year in reading and I’m left tallying and questioning. Much of my research lately focuses on what counts as reading. A healthy portion of the books included here are audiobooks (I’ve mentioned previously they are usually listened to at double speed). Is that reading? As one of my students noted, it’s more like “like […]

Fact Vs. Truth: About that Whole This American Life Retraction Thing

Mike Daisey: We have different world views on some of these things. I agree with you truth is really important. Ira Glass: I know but I feel like I have the normal worldview. The normal worldview is somebody stands on stage and says ‘this happened to me,’ I think it happened to them, unless it’s […]

“I remember downcast eyes and secret whims”: Books Read in 2010

Seeing how I’m only pages into the 1000+ page novel The Instructions and likely won’t be finished anytime soon, now seems like an appropriate time to review my year in reading. Again, discounting the many articles and chapter selections that have been thumbed, read, and annotated, here’s a breakdown of what my reading time was […]

An Anecdoted Typography of Chance: BSRAYDEKWTDWT

“And besides, it’s a kind of game, a kind of game like dice. You ask what’s this? No. 15? You never or only rarely will you know what it is, because for example when you think … well here, there are twenty or so bottles, and …” – Daniel Spoerri Last week I finished reading […]

Jane Austen: No Longer “Chick Lit”

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains. Considering much of it is the original, un-zombied text, this has to be okay to teach in my class, right? A sure fire way to get reluctant readers ravenous about the classics.


I’ll stand rank-in-file with other bibliophiles about the graceful perfection that is a book’s form. It – in its compact design and wealth of stored, permanent (read-only) memory – is a supreme and methuselah-istic technology. That being said, the playful aspects of experimental literature are provoking in the way they push this form beyond the […]


At the Comic-Con this year, had the pleasure of randomly stumbling across the Igloo Tornado booth. Last year, I bought the awesome Tom Neely book, The Blot, and have enjoyed some great mailing list fodder as a result. This year, I was excited to discover that Jason Shiga was perched at the booth. Shiga’s Bookhunter […]

Books for Perusing and the Introduction of a new Genre: BSRAYDEKWTDWT

As usual, I’m juggling 4 long-ish books at the moment (and the unyielding commitment to finish Infinite Jest, even if it’s only at a 2-3 page-a-day pace). However, I’ve also been regularly thumbing my way through a handful of books of shorter material. Thought I’d share some of the highlights of these thumb-intensive texts: Separations […]