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The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet

I finished this book today. The book is so immersive, and funny, and poignant and somehow not read by anyone I know. I called the Hobo Hotline from within the book. I went to the crazily interactive website (once you pull the lever). And as excited as I am to jump into The Magician King, this one was a bummer to be through with.

Last week, I bought three other copies of this book on whim because I’m intending to just hand it out to people and make them read it. It’s that good. And it’s somehow ridiculously cheap on Amazon. It makes me want to donate money to the author (a la Helen DeWitt’s Secondhand Sales). It makes me want to draw a map with T.S. Spivet in the middle and directions for you to go and read and examine and search for Layton on every page of the book. So awesome.

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