Caching and Texting and Listening and Reading in 2012

Happy new year!

I kicked off 2012 with a new post at DMLcentral detailing some of my findings regarding in-school use of mobile devices. As I plod ever closer to finishing my dissertation, I am excited about the possibilities of expanding this research in the coming months. I should have updates related to this that I can share soon.

In the meantime, I realized I didn’t mention my upcoming work with Global Kids Inc. In partnership with the Brooklyn Library, a grant from the HIVE Digital Media Learning Fund supports a program and research to look at the potential for geocaching to increase youth awareness of civic issues. The research I will be doing on civic geocaching  is conducted through a partnership with the Civic Engagement Research Group at Mills College.


Another year in reading and listening is starting off strong:

Colin Stetson’s album from last year has been the constant and uneasy pulse to my writing activities this week. It is also a fitting soundtrack to this fantastic interview with Laurie Anderson (who guest’s on Stetson’s album).

I also just turned the last page of The Marriage Plot and appreciated the intimacy of the book in contrast with the sweeping grandeur of Middlesex. It is also a fitting prelude to the imminent release of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars (both books feature the same, iconic book designer).

Finally, I would be remiss to note that my recent summation of 2011 in reading failed to mention Anders Nilsen’s Big Questions. Reading the installments of this graphic novel as they were slowly released over the past seven or eight years, it is startling how complete Nilsen’s vision of the narrative was at the beginning of the project. It is also a fitting introduction into the graphic novel genre for anyone looking to start reading comics (here’s a really good review from Douglas Wolk).

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