DML Central, Interventions, and Charter Selection Problems

I’ve started blogging for DML Central. My first post went up yesterday and you can read it here.

If anything, the material I write for the DML Central blog will extend ideas I’ve been fulminating over here over the past couple of years (if you are at all an occasional peruser of The American Crawl, you won’t be too surprised by the concepts I write over there).

My first post really focuses on the need for DML related pedagogy and innovation to occur within classrooms and formal learning environments. As I think more about this, I would argue that what DML faces is a charter selection problem.

I’ll expand on this in the coming weeks, here, and hope to use this space to act as a scratchboard for ideas for future posts. (I’ll only be blogging monthly or so over at DML, so if you have suggestions for things you’d like voiced or represented, please drop me a line.

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