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Related to the Google image search lesson mentioned in this post, my student today shared an activity he did over his break.

Passing the time during the thanksgiving break, Cristian typed into Google image search “Beverly Hills.” He said he noticed all of the clean streets and smiling white people. Next, he typed into Google image search “South Central Los Angeles.” The contrast is striking: power lines, fast food, gangs, police making arrests.

As a class, we discussed what stories are being told about these communities. What is being left out and why? As we continue to explore the dual cities in Los Angeles, how we’re able to re-mold the story being told will continue to be the charge our class will take up.

Thanks for sharing the lesson, Cristian.

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  1. Daye Rogers

    Yes. I put you on to the Single Story. Thanks Mark, for trying to act like you’re on top of things and stealing from my Google Wave content. Go climb a mountain or something. 🙂

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