Our Teaching Mandate

The election hasn’t been officially called, but I’m embedding a series of tweets that will stand regardless of any hail-mary shifts in the coming hours.

1 thought on “Our Teaching Mandate

  1. Joe

    Thanks for this post and your leadership on these issues. What a terrible election result and turn of events for this country! I woke this morning to a crying 10 year old girl who had to finish her homework coloring the election map. She pretty much killed off her red marker while coloring through tears.

    I know my white privilege allows me to turn off and on my concern and dismay about this election. For so many of my students, they feel a different stress about this news. My heart goes out to those who fear persecution, and deportation. I want to be smarter tomorrow about anti-racism than I am today. This post pushes my thinking about how to do that.

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