Pose/Wobble/Flow in English Journal and the Next Digital Scholar

Throughout much of last year, Cindy O’Donnell-Allen and I have been working on a model of teacher development and support we call Pose/Wobble/Flow. We’ve used this model for personal reflection, within our teacher education classes, and at various conferences. A smattering of writing around this area has begun to trickle down the publication pipeline.

I’m pleased to share our article for the current issue of English Journal, “Wobbling in Public: Supporting New and Experienced Teachers.” The article is available as a free pdf from the above link, check it out!

Similarly, Cindy and I have a chapter in the recently released collection, The Next Digital Scholar: A Fresh Approach to the Common Core State Standards in Research and Writing edited by James Purdy and Randall McClure. Our chapter is called “The Saving Our Stories Project: Pushing Beyond the Culturally Neutral Digital Literacies of the Common Core State Standards.” Though not stated directly in this chapter, the writing here helped formulate the work around P/W/F shared in English Journal and a couple of future publications. Request it from your library!

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