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Mr. Froebel’s Cabinet of (scripted, abstracted, spiritual) Wonder

This post serves as a general stomping ground for comments and lingering thoughts about the latest Beyond Pedagogy text, Inventing Kindergarten.

Though our meeting had a slightly smaller turnout than previous ones, the dialogue was all the more engaging. That being said, Mark was kind enough to offer his notes from the meeting. Below are his unedited, running notes throughout the exchange – the excessive question mark use is all his! (??????)
And yes, this blog post’s title is an homage to one of my favorite books about one of my favorite places.
Mark’s Notes:

PAULA’S comments and ideas:
teachers undervalue the importance of media design (how the book was designed)  EXPOUND – ??????
Walt Whitman (leaves of grass… book making – a lost art)
a little whitewashed… how did these kindergarten ideas affect other cultures…
was it really “creative” “abstract” – tolerating ambiguity
reminiscent of scientific behavioralism…
embodied literacy – not so cerebral…
infantilizing high school students – thru rules

OCTAVIO’S comments and ideas:
has to finish his dissertation
were Vygotsky and Froebel contemporaries
how education is compartmentalized….  the need for Interdisciplinary approach (connections)
experience is important…
play as a form of inquiry… (theatre as play)
???Where do video games fit into this????
basic skills fit into the larger context (LIFE) need to align experience with literacy
part of it has to be by design – what if life is the design????

ANTERO’S comments and ideas:
universal connectivity… Glass Bead Game (interconnectivity)
student of everything (LIFE) – Renaissance person…
lost in high school is a sense of play…

???Adult over play??? magic is lost, pedagogy is hidden for the kids ???? How do you balance transparency of pedagogy with sense of magic or wonderment…?????
consumerism destroying the purity…
intellectual play

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