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Sandbox Pt. 2

Completing the sandbox sketch from the previous post. I realize many of these terms sound “buzzy” in isolation. The problem with creating a new tool set out of a dated mode of discourse is that there is no “new” word that can be inserted. Graeber is left with joining (sometimes rather uncomfortably) words in ways that find liberation in the greased joints and corners of un-hyphenation (was that supposed to be hyphenated??). These joined words are not meant to be slogans, even in me isolating them here.

“Totalizing system” (page 43)
“Revolutionary action” (page 45)
“Revolutionary ‘exodus’” (page 60) – is “engaged withdrawl”
“Institutionalized raiding” (page 65)
The State as “imaginary totality” (page 65)
“Global citizenship” (page 68)
Temporary Autonomy Zones” (page 74)
“Consensus process” (page 85)
“Liberation in the imaginary” (Page 102)

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