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LRA Research to Practice: Gaming

Today I joined the Literacy Research Association’s Research to Practice webinar focused on gaming. Though it was fun talking to a bunch of other researchers, the highlight was definitely learning from bonafide students/YouTube star “Wild Card Garth.” Check out the webinar below (my comments deliberately focused on the role of critical theory in using games […]

Presenting at the Colorado Teen Literature Conference

Just a quick note to let you know I will be presenting at the Colorado Teen Literature Conference this Saturday. (Yes, I am missing AERA this year.) I believe the conference registration is already full. However, if you’re going, here’s a sneak peek of my presentation: Teen Literature as Empowerment: Learning from Participatory Culture and […]

Revisiting Divergent and Female Sexuality in YA

Did you watch Divergent this weekend? I’ll admit I think it was a stronger film adaptation than many other YA-related films lately. In any case, I’d like to point you back to an excerpt from my book that focuses on Divergent and female sexuality originally posted here. The film adaptation readjusts this scene to be […]

Oh: YA and the Male Gaze

Earlier in the year my first book, Critical Foundations in Young Adult Literature was released. As I mentioned earlier, I will be occasionally posting excerpts from the book on this blog and elsewhere. Below is a two-page section from my chapter focused on gender and sexuality in YA. Take a look and consider requesting the […]

Teaching Reading and Civic Responsibility

This week I listened to the audiobook of Allegiant, the third in Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy. I also read a bunch of Twisty Little Passages a book about interactive fiction. I caught up on the last two issues of Brian K. Vaughn’s Saga. I finished reading the business book The Year Without Pants (despite the […]

Book Announcement: Critical Foundations In Young Adult Literature

I am thrilled to announce the release of my first book, Critical Foundations in Young Adult Literature: Challenging Genres, from Sense Publishers. Here is the book description: Young Adult literature, from The Outsiders to Harry Potter, has helped shape the cultural landscape for adolescents perhaps more than any other form of consumable media in the twentieth […]

Adolescents’ Literature, Fall 2013

This year’s Adolescents’ Literature course is structured differently than in the past. In order to make the class feel a bit smaller and to help highlight a larger breadth of texts, I’ve divided the class into three cohorts of students that will read thematically linked books each week. For instance, next week is “John Green […]

“sung from the grave by a ghost who doesn’t know he’s dead”: Books Read in 2012

Another year in reading and I’m left tallying and questioning. Much of my research lately focuses on what counts as reading. A healthy portion of the books included here are audiobooks (I’ve mentioned previously they are usually listened to at double speed). Is that reading? As one of my students noted, it’s more like “like […]

Ongoing Conversations about Adolescents’ Literature, The Teaching Profession, and Literary Felines

The Adolescents’ Literature course I’ve mentioned previously now has a group page on Figment. You are invited to join our ongoing discussions throughout the semester. This week we are reading I am Number Four. Next Week we’re reading Looking For Alaska and then the Chocolate War and then Perks and then and then and… Participate […]

Adolescent Literature Book List, Fall 2012

Several months ago I asked readers from Figment to help me develop the syllabus for the Adolescent Literature college course I will be teaching in the fall. I wanted to share the finalized book list with everyone. While not all of the books on this came from Figment, the help I got from YA fans […]