“I mean, the urge to depict and the longing to see depictions is very strong and very deep within us. It’s a five-thousand-year-old longing – you see it all the way back to the cave paintings, this need to render the real world. We don’t create the world. It’s God’s world, he made it. We depict it, we try to understand it. And a longing like that doesn’t just disappear in one generation. Art is about correspondences – making connections with the world and to each other. It’s about love in that sense – that is the origin of the erotic quality of art. We love to study images of the world, and especially images of people, our fellow creatures. And the problem with abstraction, finally, is that is goes too far inwards and the links become tenuous, or dissolve, and it becomes too hard to make those connections.” – David Hockney

[Been reading art books in between all of the academic stuff. Finding they help shift the way I’ve been looking. I’m finding the intended dialogue between Hockney and Robert Irwin one that will play out as I start making decisions about classroom space in the next few weeks. Likewise, I’m thinking about the connections that the classroom may have with the work of Sarah Sze.]

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