New Article in Educational Policy

I have a new co-authored article in Educational Policy titled “Schooling Mobile Phones: Assumptions About Proximal Benefits, the Challenges of Shifting Meanings, and the Politics of Teaching.” The article can be viewed at this link. Here’s the abstract:

Mobile devices are increasingly upheld as powerful tools for learning and school reform. In this article, we prioritize youth voices to critically examine assumptions about student interest in mobile devices that often drive the incorporation of new technologies into schools. By demonstrating how the very meaning of mobile phones shift as they are institutionalized and by highlighting the divergences between adult and youth assumptions about these devices, we make a significant contribution to policy debates about the role of new digital technologies in the classroom. In addition, we explore challenges such as privacy, freedom, and resource-use that emerge when scaling-upthe use of mobile technologies in the classroom.

I want to thank my co-author, Thomas M. Philip, for working on this with me. Thomas has been an invaluable mentor and collaborator and he is the recent winner of the AERA Division G Early Career Award. To hear Thomas talk about findings from this article and other avenues of work he’s done, check this out.

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