Taking iDivision iNventory

Well, we’re an iDivision school. It’s official. I’ve already chimed in on this, as has my principal, as has our Network Partners.

There’s a riveting story just under the surface with regards to Manual’s journey into the iDivision fold. I don’t think most of us will be able to really recount these stories any time soon, but maybe one day – when my credential is long past being cleared – we can gather round the proverbial camp fire and reminisce.

In any case, the real work begins in the next few weeks. Our transition team will be established and another wave of teachers, students, parents, and community folk will rise to the occasion. I’m excited about the prospects.

So, to briefly recap before the real work begins, this is what I have as a result of getting into the iDivision (I’m omitting and forgetting a ton of stuff, but this was kind of fun to compile quickly):

3 iDivision t-shirts (two “One Manual” shirts, one in Spanish)
3 “Yes iDivision” buttons
1 “Vote Yes for Local Autonomy” button
3 Local Autonomy/iDivision stickers
1 “I Voted” sticker
2 heavily highlighted/margin-filled copies of “Excellence Loves Company”
2 reams of iDivision fliers and leaflets placed in my box (approximately)
97 emails that have the word “iDivision” in the subject
3 School Board committee meetings attended
5 different weekly meetings held specifically related to getting our school into iDivision
2 Network Partners
One Manual

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