#Literacies #Schmiteracies: An Invitation to Help Sustain Professional Teaching Practices


This upcoming Monday kicks off the first class I’ll be teaching for STEP: ED289 – The Centrality of Literacies in Learning and Teaching.

This class is a two-week mad dash through all things literacies for secondary teacher education students. Recognizing the limitations of the course in terms of time and energy (students take the class in the afternoons after a full day at a local school site), I am hoping to center an ethos of critical, humanizing, and expansive literacies. You’re welcome to take a look at our perpetually-being-tweaked-syllabus here.

As part of the design of this course, I am also hoping to illustrate to students the broader critical community of literacies educators I regularly learn from. In this spirit, we will be hosting three shorter Twitter chats over the next two weeks, utilizing my new favorite hashtag, #schmiteracies.

If you’re lounging on your couch and hoping to engage in a discussion of Freirean stances of liberation and literacies, please join us on the following days around 4:30(ish) pst.:

7/17: Topic – Defining Literacies

7/20:  Topic – Enacting Powerful Literacies in an Era of Common Core

7/25: Topic – Connected Learning & Connected Literacies

I’ll send a #schmiteracies tweet with better ETAs on each of the days above. If you have questions prior to chat – feel free to reach out!

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  1. Nemesis

    I’d like to participate and build on this work with my upcoming seminar this semester. I think there should be some discussion on Patrick Finn’s work in Literacy with an Attitude.

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