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NCTE and NWP Schedule

If you are at NCTE or NWP, I’ll be presenting research and practices at the following events:


I’m a part of the panel presentation, “Powerful English Education for the 21st Century.”  

A.44 9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

Palmer House/Salon 8/9, Third Floor


In the afternoon, I’ll be lending a hand with the National Writing Project’s, Digital Is Content Dig:

12:30 –4:30 pm

This session is designed to engage those interested in digging into the Digital Is website and making suggestions for its content development and growth related to the field of digital literacies and learning. Participants will have focused time to read and follow content threads in the site and then work in small and large groups to brainstorm possible topics, curators, resource development ideas, and suggestions.



I’ll be a part of the session, “Open Education, Digital Resources, Sharing, and New Literacies.” 

 G.12 Saturday, November 19, 2011 9:30:00 AM to 10:45:00 AM

Palmer House/Wabash Room, Third Floor

There’s already a well-developed wiki for this session, which can be found here.

Please come to any of these sessions and say hello, or send me an email or tweet if you’d like to meet up during the conference. See you in Chicago!

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