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AERA 2016 Schedule and Some Belated Updates

I want to briefly share my AERA schedule for this week:
Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.46.12 PM
Some details on these presentations:

  • My Saturday morning session is built around a broader project and AERA Presidential Session in which I was invited to produce a photojournal reflecting on my role as a teacher educator. I would encourage you to take a look at the project website here and my specific photojournal here. Here’s the abstract for the entire session:

    Abstract: This session challenges the overly simplistic public and policy discourses that treat university-based teacher education as fundamentally responsible for low-performing schools. It offers snapshots of innovative teacher education work and explores how such work might be presented more effectively to the public and policymakers as they consider approaches to high quality teacher preparation. The session features four equity-minded teacher educators/scholars whose innovative, politically engaged work reflects and expands upon the field’s longstanding commitment to producing public scholarship that connects research to practice in schools and communities. These four presenters – Elizabeth Dutro, Antero Garcia, Bettina Love, and Bree Picower – will base their brief comments, in part, on open-access digital photo-journals they created to capture and communicate their work. Two discussants – Ken Zeichner, senior scholar of teacher education, and Melinda Anderson, education writer and parent – will offer response that address teacher education’s future, specifically how to educate better the public about teacher educators’ work and its impact.

  • My poster session shares (very) preliminary findings from my ongoing ethnographic work studying tabletop roleplaying games. However, my D&D dice are packed and the bulk of the poster real estate is devoted to a gaming playmat: I fully intend to play through this poster session, so come grab a pre-generated character sheet from me!
  • Finally, my presentation Sunday morning is built on my work with teachers in Los Angeles engaging in “Player Professional Development” and community-drive game jams (described previously here). I will be presenting a paper co-authored with my nemesis, Mark Gomez.

I should briefly add that an update to this blog is long overdue! In the short term, let me say that I have still been blogging monthly(ish) at DMLcentral (recent posts here, here, and here) and have been mumbling through blog-like thoughts using Anchor, like this:

A few other housekeeping things:

I am co-facilitating a workshop based on Youth Participatory Action Research for the 2016 Digital Media and Learning Conference. My co-facilitators, Nicole Mirra and Danielle Filipiak, and I discussed the workshop recently:

You should consider joining our workshop!

I have a chapter in the recent collection The Role-Playing Society: Essays on the Cultural Influence of RPGs titled “Teacher as Dungeon Master: Connected Learning, Democratic Classrooms, and Rolling for Initiative”. It’s a scorcher!

Finally, back in January I delivered the keynote for the 2016 Technology in Education Conference presented by the Collaborative for Educational Services. If you’ve got an hour to kill, you can watch the whole thing below (my presentation begins at 6:20).

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