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Invisibles: An Audiobook

I just finished listening to the audiobook of Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion by David Zweig. Recommended by Bud Hunt, I appreciated the delicate attention to unseen craftsmanship that entire industries are built upon. From Radiohead’s lead guitar tech to someone devoted to making way-finding in an airport an intuitive process […]

Rhizomatic Listening: On Shuffling Audiobooks

While in Los Angeles, I spent a lot of time sitting in traffic. Directly related to this, I spent a lot of time sitting in traffic listening to audiobooks. At one point, I got frustrated with the insanely slooooow pace at which most book are narrated that I started listening to audiobooks at double speed. […]

Play with Your Food

Maybe it is just a dwindling attention span, but I like playing with my food. I don’t mean that if you take me to a fancy restaurant I turn into an orangutan and throw things in the air or peel bananas with my feet.* But things like Rosca de reyes make eating a playful experience. […]

Snooze-Buttons and Marginalia: Simulating Humanity

A recent conversation with Ally upon waking up from a nap: Ally: Did you know when I tried to wake you up you said, “Can you pretend I hit the snooze button”? Antero: Really? I did? So what did you do? Ally: I came back ten minutes later to wake you up. Antero: That’s amazing: […]

“I often dream of trains when I’m awake”

So I’ve been waking up later and later lately. Cutting it ever closer to not making it to school before the bell rings. I’ve been blessed with a traffic-lite commute (and on the 110?!). My luck has made me wonder what will happen when our economy turns itself around. Will a better Los Angeles labor […]

The Uncanny Valley and Higher Ed

Read this today and can’t say I’m that surprised. It’s an article that’s pretty much circulated and discussed on an annual basis for the past few years. For me, I am reminded, when reading this, of the Uncanny Valley – the concept that robots repulse us the closer they get to approximating human attributes (think […]

Shakin’ Like a Polaroid Picture

Chew, Sades, and Hipstamatic: a reminder that not everything worth blogging has to come with throat-clearing gravitas.

Thinking about Wabi-Sabi and Digital Youth Participation

First he raked until the grounds were spotless. Then, in a gesture pregnant with wabi-sabi overtones, he shook a tree trunk, causing a few leaves to fall. Wabi-sabi, as evidenced here, is clean but never too clean or sterile. (from here) Not a lot to add here, yet, other than the fact that I’m wondering […]

AERA Triptych

Three context-free, AERA-related images: [I’m trying to do my best to lay low at AERA this year; it’s too cold for my frail SoCal disposition and I’m too in need of serious focus time for quals in T-Minus one week. That being said, with four presentations and receptions and general networking, I’m sure I’ll have […]

“No Longer Contradictory”

Every poem that works as a poem is original. And original has two meanings: it means a return to the origin, the first which engendered everything that followed; and it means that which has never occurred before. In poetry, and in poetry alone, the two senses are united in a way that they are no […]