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“Gnawing my way back home”: Books Read in 2015

I’m currently halfway through Paul Murray’s The Mark and the Void and not likely to finish it before 2015 is over. For the 7th year in a row, here’s my breakdown of books read over the past year: Books read in 2015: 162 Comics and graphic novels included in reading total: 28 Books of poetry included […]

Four Emotions While Watching Pixar’s Inside Out: Body Shaming, #CharlestonShooting, and the Privileged Feels

Building off of the four key emotions portrayed in Inside Out, a quartet of reflections on Pixar’s latest. Joy It’s a fun Pixar film that gives you Pixar feels. Yay. (Also, the fleeting nod to Steve Jobs’s “reality distortion field” was a nice gesture.)   Anger As much as I wanted to love this movie, […]

Dangerous and the Revolution of Michael Jackson’s Panther Dance

I’m loving one of the recent 33 1/3 books (the 100th volume?!) focusing on Michael Jackson’s Dangerous. I distinctly remember buying the album just as I began flirting with my own sense of musical interest. My friend down the street would regularly play the record when we were hanging out, while a separate group would […]

Racial Politics and the Amazing Race

Last night I went on a mini (by Twitter standards) rant about the Amazing Race. Here’s a Storify recap: [View the story “Racializing The Amazing Race” on Storify] The thing is, I like this show. It’s been an early player in shaping many of today’s reality TV tropes. And frankly, aside from a year or two […]

Revisiting Divergent and Female Sexuality in YA

Did you watch Divergent this weekend? I’ll admit I think it was a stronger film adaptation than many other YA-related films lately. In any case, I’d like to point you back to an excerpt from my book that focuses on Divergent and female sexuality originally posted here. The film adaptation readjusts this scene to be […]

Images and Sounds and Provoking Different Reactions

But if a film can provoke the audience’s participation–if the film gives a certain amount of information but requires the audience to complete the ideas, then it engages each member of the audience as a creative participant in the work How each moment gets completed depends on each individual person. So the film, although it’s […]

Being “That Guy”: Race and Violence Ruining Wreck It Ralph

I think it’s getting worse. I used to hold my tongue and nod along with everyone else. The problem is I’m tired of not seeing folks of color in films. I’m tired of picking “good” YA texts for the classes I’m teaching and seeing white privilege reinforced on every page. I’m tired of not seeing […]

Homeless Black Angels and Movie Watching Consciousness

  The critical media part of me is fascinated with how this line of thought came up. (I imagine that the archetype of the “magical negro” probably had a lot to do with this…)

Because Robert Pattinson’s Past Roles Have Lead to a Bevy of Wise Reading Choices

This customer’s one-star rating did make me go check out IMDB – I’m intrigued by the idea of someday living in a world where the work of DiLillo, Cronenberg, and Edward Cullen collide.

Your Summer Syllabus: Three Recent Examples of Participatory Media that Teachers Should Know About (Beautiful Dark Twisted Pedagogy Ahead)

My browser is overcrowded with tabs of information I want to share here. Instead of focusing on a single example, I want to briefly reflect on three different aspects of the shifting nature of culture in participatory media: community, copyright, and civic engagement. By looking at all three of these, educators can get a quick […]