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Beautiful Dark Twisted Pedagogy: New Article in Radical Teacher

My article, “Beautiful Dark Twisted Pedagogy: Kanye West and the Lessons of Participatory Culture,” is now  available in the most recent issue of Radical Teacher. It can be read here.  Here’s an abstract:  This article builds off of the author’s classroom experience as a high school teacher in South Central Los Angeles and looks at […]

The Problematic Charity of Jay Z’s Picasso Baby

Over the weekend I watch the extended music-video-quasi-art-thing Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film. I would argue it’s one of those three nouns: a performance. And while I think Jay Z has been making  strong efforts at pushing himself and the hip-hop genre into loftier domains, I think Picasso Baby is representative of what’s wrong […]

Why I Think Educators Should Be Talking About Pussy Riot (Yes, You Read That Correctly)

I’ve been struggling trying to figure out how to talk about Pussy Riot with my fellow educators. Even that sentence sends a bristle down my spine – how many people have already stopped reading because of the name? And isn’t that the point of naming a band something like Pussy Riot or Fucked Up or […]

The Mystery of Willis Earl Beal and the Bread Crumbs of Digital Media

It started innocently enough. It started like this: Scrounging around the hipster fodder of Pitchfork, I read about and streamed a new track by an unknown singer. Intrigued, I did a quick Google search. I read an article that described the outsider artist that only left me with more questions. I picked up my phone […]

Not Quite EverythingEverything: Why Our Approach to Music Education is Kinda Awful

Over the past week, along with an abundance of holiday shopping, I purchased the updated anthology of Underworld’s selected hits and rarities. It was with nostalgia that the opening arpeggiated notes of “Rez” kicked in that I remembered the way the band seeped into my consciousness. It was the Golden Age of Napster and it […]

Thinking Through Literary Interconnectedness and Dissertation Format (Another Cheap Rehash: Sonic Nurse Album Review)

Working through analysis, I had a (brief and fleeting) moment of clarity in terms of structure of the dissertation and the opportunity to strengthen a literary reading of critical instantiations of student agency within the community. And while I’m still wading knee-deep into this theory building component of my dissertation, I was reminded of a […]

Rethinking “A Call For Change”: Examining Sara’s Criticism of Tyler, the Creator

  Violence? Check. Homophobic lyrics? Check. Potential for social transformation? Check. Currently making buzz amongst music geeks is this rant from Sara of Tegan and Sara regarding the lack of criticism about Tyler, the Creator’s homophobic, sexist, violent, lyrics. Two caveats before I move forward: I’m not an apologist for offensive lyrics. Frankly, much of […]

“I’m a gay, heterosexual male.” – Lil B

Wondering if getting death threats and calling a new hip-hop album “I”m Gay” elevate the discourse. Wondering when these actions will funnel into youth popular culture at my school.

2010 in Music and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Pedagogy

I can’t say I would have anything entirely surprising in a top albums of 2010 list. You can tell when an album stays with you when your favorite song skips from one track to another until you-one moment-realize that you’ve had secret trysts with all of them; Lisbon and This is Happening both hold this […]

Listening to Zaireeka: Participation, Learning, and Community Engagement

I was munching on a sandwich at one of my favorite local eateries reflecting on the random small accomplishments we often make during our off-track or vacation time. For some finishing recording an album, an early start on lesson planning, perhaps housecleaning long postponed. For me, I’m basically entrenched in pages of dissertation proposal writing. […]