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Dispatches for Luna & Max (#10)

Lord, open my heart. Lord, bring me near. Lord, open my heart. Lord, make it into a mirror. To reflect the myriad colored lights of love and space.   Rest in peace, Miles Seaton.

Dispatches for Luna & Max (#09)

When Fetch the Bolt Cutters was released last year, I played it every morning for the two of you as part of our morning routine. Bottles and diapers and Fiona’s bottled up joy and fury and clatter-y pop. For a good half of the year, we heard the album 3-4 times a week. The run at […]

Dispatches for Luna & Max (#08)

An editor of a magazine I used to write for posted this song to Facebook or Twitter seven or eight years ago. I am pretty confident I’ve played it at least monthly ever since. The song is something of a personal lodestone, pulling together three different musical threads I’ve come to better understand in the […]

Dispatches for Luna & Max (#07)

  “I’m thinking of ways I can get out of things/Just like always.” I found a scratched-to-shit mix CD from probably 2010 with the name of this song sharpied on it. I think it was one of a series of discs I made for Ally during her lengthy LA commutes at the time. A fitting […]

Dispatches for Luna & Max (#06)

If ever there was a band that should have been an utter disaster, Dead Man’s Bones would have been the one to bet on. A celebrity’s (Gosling) side project, a halloween themed album, and a children’s choir? That sounds terrible. And yet, a decade later, it’s still one of my most listened to albums. (I always […]

Dispatches for Luna & Max (#05)

If If you If you could If you could only If you could only stop It you could only stop your If you could only stop your heart If you could only stop your heartbeat If you could only stop your heartbeat for If you could only stop your heartbeat for one heart If you […]

Dispatches for Luna & Max (#04)

The entire video is such a weird time-capsule of a time that doesn’t feel that far off. The design of YouTube as a platform, less than a decade ago, is pretty different from what it is today and suggests an evolving relationship between us as viewers and consumers of new media spaces. And while the […]

Dispatches for Luna & Max (#03)

From the poem “what was said at the bus stop” by Danez Smith. The poem is in their most recent book. The book’s cover says the book is called Homie and the book’s “note on the title” is one the most satisfying revelations I’ve encountered. I don’t think I sat as fully in the wondering of […]

Dispatches for Luna & Max (#02)

The vamping/harmonizing warm-up for the first 20 seconds. The finger point to the recording when the piano comes in at 0:21, like she’s Timbaland introducing the world to Dirt Off Your Shoulders. The anticipatory breath at 1:06 before jumping into the song. When the make-up artist tries to join along by dancing at 1:38. Would […]

Dispatches for Luna & Max (#01)

(from Until the End of the World) To get back to posting around here somewhat regularly, I’m planning to tag occasional media–sounds, snippets, images, gestures–to revisit when Luna and Max get (a little) older. As an opening, this still from Wim Wenders’ film feels like an appropriate, meta reflection on memory, media, and meaning. If you’ve […]