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Multiliteracies and Messin’ with Hackpad

I am going to try using Hackpad in my Teaching Reading class today.

New DMLcentral Post on Video Games and Civic Education

I have a new post at DMLcentral about the new Pollution Challenge! game for SimCity. Take a look over here.

Hustle, Flow, and adventures in #PWFWriMo & #RPRGWriMo

Last week, I talked about where I was wobbling in my teaching practice. This week I want to describe a new pose I am trying out. This week month I’m trying out a pose of sustained writing and “hustle.” This month is National Novel Writing Month–colloquially NaNoWriMo, which challenges participants to write a 50,000+ word novel […]

Learning Alchemy: Digitally Mediated Collaboration and Game Design

[The tl;dr stuff:] This is a long post. After the jump I detail how Chad Sansing and I have been collaborating on developing a card game  called Learning Alchemy. Amongst the screenshots of Google Docs and card examples, I try to explore how collaboration is mediated in 2013. The short story: Chad and I have […]

New DML Post: Critiquing iPads in LAUSD

I have a new co-authored blogpost over at DMLCentral called “iFiasco in LA’s Schools: Why Technology Alone Is Never the Answer.” Written with Thomas Philip, this post takes issue with the recent “hacking” of LAUSD devices by students and builds off of recent research Thomas and I have done together.

Critical Media Literacy, Fair Use, and Copyright

Last month an article I co-authored was published in Learning Landscapes. “Transforming Teaching and Learning Through Critical Media Literacy Pedagogy” can be freely read and downloaded here. And now I want to talk a bit about copyright and fair use and critical media literacy. In writing this article with my colleagues, Robyn and Jeff, one […]

Haiku Deck & The Suckiness of PowerPoint

A quick post to play with Haiku Deck embedding in WordPress. I have been appreciating this app for presentation design and I like the idea of creating a PowerPoint to talk about why PowerPoint kinda sucks. This is for a technology seminar for Graduate Teaching Assistants this afternoon.

Article in Harvard Educational Review

An article I recently co-authored with Thomas Philip is now published in the Harvard Educational Review. “The Importance of Still Teaching the iGeneration: New Technologies and the Centrality of Pedagogy” can be found here. This article extends some of the thinking I began in my dissertation and in a research project with Thomas. I’m excited about […]

Catching up on DML

A busy semester with updates in abundance soon. For now a few quick, DML-related notes: If you are going to be at the DML conference this week or the Make2Learn symposium tomorrow, send me a tweet and say hello. (I’m also one of the judges for the M2L youth competition – looking forward to the […]

A few moments with … me!

Happy new year! As I finish up non-blogging activities before the semester starts up, here is a featured Q&A with me at DML. Enjoy!