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Storium, Collaborative Storytelling, Civic Identity

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog (and at the end of this podcast), my current research focuses on tabletop roleplaying games. (I type this with bloodshot eyes and a larger-than-usual cup-o-joe after a late night session of Deadlands). I am most interested in RPGs as tools for teaching powerful civic lessons for youth. The […]

Snorkeling in virtual worlds

  My current research on tabletop roleplaying games can be understood as part of a larger movement by researchers. In particular I have been considering the ways individuals interact, learn, and communicate in virtual worlds. Because the virtual world interactions I’ve been observing in tabletop roleplaying games seem to differ from those in online environments, […]

New DMLcentral Post on Video Games and Civic Education

I have a new post at DMLcentral about the new Pollution Challenge! game for SimCity. Take a look over here.

Learning Alchemy: Digitally Mediated Collaboration and Game Design

[The tl;dr stuff:] This is a long post. After the jump I detail how Chad Sansing and I have been collaborating on developing a card game  called Learning Alchemy. Amongst the screenshots of Google Docs and card examples, I try to explore how collaboration is mediated in 2013. The short story: Chad and I have […]

Talking with Nicholas Mizer: Kickstarter, Roleplaying Games, and Dissertations

Nicholas Mizer is a doctoral student in the Anthropology Department at Texas A&M. His research has looked at storytelling, play and modernity in roleplaying games – topics I’ve also been looking at from a literacies and education perspective. I talked with Nicholas about his current research and about his Kickstarter to fund parts of his […]

Talking Roleplaying Games with Chad Sansing (Part One)

Over the summer I was thrilled to join an Educator Innovator webinar discussing some of my classroom work with Suzie Boss. In doing so, it was awesome to get to virtually hangout with NWP superstar Chad Sansing (I would highly recommend subscribing to Chad’s blog).We’ve since been discussing gameplay and exploring elements of game design in […]

Same Table, Different Game: Role-Playing and Differentiation

[This is likely one in a slew of forthcoming posts related to role playing games, learning, literacies, and performance. These are exploratory in nature and a space for me to write through some of the topics I’ve been thinking about in this area. Feedback and pushback are welcomed.] I’m reading a recently released book about […]

Discussing Live Action Role Playing, Schools, and Why You Should Join Seekers Unlimited

I was thrilled to get to talk with Roz and Aaron of Seekers Unlimited this afternoon about their current Kickstarter. Our conversation (embedded below) discusses the power of LARPing in educational contexts, the need for roleplaying in schools, and the differences between “sandboxes” and “rails.” LARPing really isn’t just for nerds swinging foam swords on […]

Images and Sounds and Provoking Different Reactions

But if a film can provoke the audience’s participation–if the film gives a certain amount of information but requires the audience to complete the ideas, then it engages each member of the audience as a creative participant in the work How each moment gets completed depends on each individual person. So the film, although it’s […]

Nerd Alert: Comics and Games Ahead

  First of all if you are heading to Nerd Mecca AKA the San Diego Comic-Con in the coming weeks, please stop by room 26AB. In there you will find the Comic-Arts Conference, an academic space to discuss and share findings related to comics. Peter Carlson and I will be presenting findings from a forthcoming […]