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Nerd Alert: Comics and Games Ahead

  First of all if you are heading to Nerd Mecca AKA the San Diego Comic-Con in the coming weeks, please stop by room 26AB. In there you will find the Comic-Arts Conference, an academic space to discuss and share findings related to comics. Peter Carlson and I will be presenting findings from a forthcoming […]

“sung from the grave by a ghost who doesn’t know he’s dead”: Books Read in 2012

Another year in reading and I’m left tallying and questioning. Much of my research lately focuses on what counts as reading. A healthy portion of the books included here are audiobooks (I’ve mentioned previously they are usually listened to at double speed). Is that reading? As one of my students noted, it’s more like “like […]

Graphic Novel Wisdom

Perhaps words for every pedagogue to heed: “In the business of caution … we are unprepared for happiness.” – Percy Gloom

Words Read & Melodies Hummed

[because one of my more neurotic routines is that I keep a small notebook with the books I’ve read arranged by date.] Books read in 2009: 91 Comics and graphic novels included in reading total: 12 Books of poetry included in reading total: 5 Books reread included in reading total: 6 Education related books included […]

“Tell Them I Am Busy”: Comics and Counter-Narrative

One of the things that Mr. Carlson and I experimented with using during his intersession was comics. Specifically, we had students create comic strips through Pixton. The best thing about having students create stories through Pixton is that it just happens. Other than guiding students through the registration process, Mr. Carlson and I never needed […]

I Hate Sounding Like I’m Using Hyperbole But …

I’m currently reading through Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli and I’m just staggered by how good this is; content, design, layout, color, everything. I’m halfway through and frankly haven’t had this feeling about a book’s contribution to its genre since reading Jimmy Corrigan (sadly, I suspect this will be the go-to comparison in upcoming reviews […]

Why We Can’t Get It Right (Comics Edition)

I stumbled across this interview last week and immediately groaned. Great, another non-educator (yes, this can even include former educators) showing us how to teach. That sounds pessimistic and mean spirited, but it is intended more as a commentary on how teachers are pushed into a passive role within the educational field. As a traveling […]

It’s (Still) A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Not quite a year and half after being launched and the DC imprint, Minx, is kaput. Minx was focused on releasing comics oriented for female teens. I had high hopes for what Minx meant to the comics industry. It was something I would regularly bring up and mention to my colleagues – a beacon of […]


At the Comic-Con this year, had the pleasure of randomly stumbling across the Igloo Tornado booth. Last year, I bought the awesome Tom Neely book, The Blot, and have enjoyed some great mailing list fodder as a result. This year, I was excited to discover that Jason Shiga was perched at the booth. Shiga’s Bookhunter […]

Apparently Elite

Stay tuned for a couple of Comic-Con related tidbits. Yes. It was ridiculous. Yes. We spent most of our time in lines and crammed between aisles. Yes. I will be going again next year. Fact: shortly after taking the above picture, a Con attendee walked by dressed as Rorschach. And then we saw two Silent […]