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“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can” – Danny Kaye

Haunting a new favorite place in the city, I found the above stenciled art a useful reminder about priorities and usage of time. As I type this, an ever-growing pile of articles and books teeters menacingly to my left. To my right, a stack of fellowship, grant, and conference forms & applications in varying states […]

Graffiti Murals at Manual Arts High School

Came to work today and was pleased to see the bungalows covered in new murals by esteemed LA graf writers and students. I was out of town on the Saturday when the muralists held a public event for the community to attend. However, a colleague described it as “our Woodstock – a once in a […]

Per a Student Request

A student asked me to put these photos up – my third period is writing an essay analyzing the narrative and intent behind a recent mural on campus.

Reflections on AERA 09 and the Winners’ Showcase of the Digital Media and Learning Competition Pt. 3: The Continuing Disconnect

As always, I’m amazed by the density of the AERA program. The thousands of sessions that crammed the San Diego Convention Center and adjoining hotels are all over the map and cover just about any discussion you want to be a part of within the world of education. There are always sessions that will help […]

Interactive Build-Up and the Academic Spirit

“But shapes on a painting are just shapes on a canvas unless they start acting on each other and really, in a sense, multiplying. A good painting has a gathering, interactive build-up. And the good artists all knew it, too. That’s what a good Vermeer has, or a raku cup, or a Stonehenge. And when […]

Some random updates

– The Beyond Pedagogy schedule has been updated here. – I’ve been offering sample lessons from the Words on Walls graffiti unit I’ve been teaching over at the homeroom. It’s being updated once or twice a week at the moment. The description of the project is here. – Innovation Division happenings: Manual Arts teachers will […]

The Other Side of the Presentation Story

This week, I wrote a brief post discussing the graffiti presentation that I was a part of on Saturday; I also ended up adding a comment clarifying Elizabeth Morin’s role in the workshop (sorry Liz! – and no, this was not in response the first commentor, despite what she may have thought). Unfortunately, there is […]


As I walked Sadie around the block today I saw a couple of kids tagging on the various houses and apartment complexes in my neighborhood. The two were working their way toward my direction and Sadie was working her way toward theirs. The two would indiscriminately stop every couple of houses, marking the territory the […]

The 101s

I’m thinking about what’s missing in our current high school course offerings (hint: a lot). I’m brainstorming the classes I feel are most urgently needed by my current students. I want to use this as an exercise to see what I can fold or further adapt in my own classroom, within my SLC, and what […]