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“A ‘Genuinely Collective Reality'”: Third Space Collaborative

Yesterday, I was part of a small cadre that met to sketch out the general direction of a new education-based group. I’m hesitant to use a phrase like “reading group” or “discussion group” specifically because of what were hoping to do here. Like the Beyond Pedagogy group, we’re looking to texts – both educational and […]

“Within an avalanche of glory hallelujah skybreaks”: The Beyond Pedagogy Epilogue

“The game as I conceive it,” Knecht once wrote, “leaves (the player) with the feeling that he has extracted from the universe of accident and confusion a totally symmetrical and harmonious cosmos, and absorbed it into himself.”     – Magister Ludi, Hermann Hesse Abstract This lengthy document begins with a discussion of the political act […]

“The History of Dreams Has Yet to be Written”: Ur-Pedagogy and the Dialectics of Postponed Meetings

Seeing as to how our last couple of reading group meetings continue to get bumped, postponed, and canceled, I’ve decided we’re making the jump online for the discussion of The Dialectics Seeing by Susan Buck-Morss. I’m encouraging all of our members to type up and respond to each other at least a couple of times, […]

“They reestablished for him the world in which he wished to exist”

Thursday’s Beyond Pedagogy meeting, though a bit noisier (due to our temporary move) resulted in the kind of inspiring dialogue that’s been fairly consistent throughout a fairly non-consistent set of dates, books, and group members. For this book’s go-around, Mark ventured to facilitate. He asked everyone to provide a single sentence for discussion (providing individual […]

Mr. Froebel’s Cabinet of (scripted, abstracted, spiritual) Wonder

This post serves as a general stomping ground for comments and lingering thoughts about the latest Beyond Pedagogy text, Inventing Kindergarten. Though our meeting had a slightly smaller turnout than previous ones, the dialogue was all the more engaging. That being said, Mark was kind enough to offer his notes from the meeting. Below are […]

Some random updates

– The Beyond Pedagogy schedule has been updated here. – I’ve been offering sample lessons from the Words on Walls graffiti unit I’ve been teaching over at the homeroom. It’s being updated once or twice a week at the moment. The description of the project is here. – Innovation Division happenings: Manual Arts teachers will […]

Kindergarten as a Secondary Practice

Before I get into the meat of this post, I wanted to mention that the schedule for the Beyond Pedagogy group has been revised – our last meeting was canceled at the 11th hour and will be rescheduled at our next meeting on May 8th. The full schedule is found here. Now then, having recently […]

Consciousness is Coknowledge: Notes on The Spell of The Sensuous

This post serves as a culling of texts and videos related to the second book in the Beyond Pedagogy series, The Spell of the Sensuous. Additionally, the conversation last night was far from conclusive and an extension on any of the thoughts or ideas related to the book can be vetted here. Feel free to […]

The 101s

I’m thinking about what’s missing in our current high school course offerings (hint: a lot). I’m brainstorming the classes I feel are most urgently needed by my current students. I want to use this as an exercise to see what I can fold or further adapt in my own classroom, within my SLC, and what […]

Notes on Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology: “In a Network of Lines that Intersect”

As the Beyond Pedagogy meeting dates continue, I’ll be creating posts for each of the books discussed and read in the group. Notes from the discussions, key points, and further questions will be added here for future reference. This is also a place to try to cull together the various side conversations I’ve been having […]