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Why a “relaxed human connection” doesn’t make up for a racist name

Announced via email to a group of us this afternoon and posted on the company’s blog, Pete Turner states that he is not changing the name of restaurant. In reading his lengthy response, I’m particularly offended by the ways this letter completely disregards the meaningful dialogue we engaged in last month. This is not a […]

Some context regarding “violence” and Illegal Pete’s

On Wednesday, a group of us were able to meet with Peter Turner, the owner of Illegal Pete’s. The event was level headed and filled with rational discourse about concerns around the name of the restaurant. It was covered, later that day by the Coloradoan. And while I appreciate the media coverage, the article does […]

An Open Letter to the Owner of Illegal Pete’s

Hi Pete, I know several people have contacted you recently with concern about the name of your restaurant and its soon-to-be-open Fort Collins location. I too am concerned. I should add that I really appreciate the work of your company from what I’ve been able to gather on your website. Your company clearly seems committed […]

Catching up: DMLcentral & #NCTEchat

A couple of updates: – The #NCTEchate I co-hosted with @frankisibberson was awesome. At  couple of points in the conversation the chat hashtag was trending. A Storify archive of the chat can be viewed here. At the end of the chat several participants committed to blogging about the NCTE position statement we co-authored and their […]

Oh Hey, What’s Up Dude?

A quick note: my good friend Other Chris and I have started a podcast. It’s called Oh Hey, What’s Up Dude? You can find it here (or non-iTunes users here). We’re putting out episodes every other week, generally. And it’s basically like this: Other Chris and I talk about science-y stuff (eventually), things we’re reading and […]

“These things are your becoming”: Books read in 2013

This was a year of shoddy record keeping. Between buying a house, moving, getting married, and finishing a book, I had long periods of time where I lapsed in jotting down what I read from one week to the next. As such, the numbers below represent the books I was able to record and I […]

Reflecting on #AcWriMo and what a month of writing yields

Last month I wrote 51,603 words as part of Academic Writing Month (#AcWriMo). This places me alongside more than 40,000 other people that completed 50,000+ word manuscripts as part of National Novel Writing.  Here’s my daily breakdown of the writing I did last month: As I mentioned when first discussing this, I split my time […]

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Imagine Your Thanks

Imagine Your Thanks Dropping like trash Deposited like an investment Feeding fish Diving in an exploration Planting like seeds Billowing like clouds Climbing towards forever Filling a tank, a room, your room, our lives and charting a map of our past, a history of interactions [The Thank Tank is still looking for hosts for one […]